The Global Strategy Of Shell Gas

May 4th, 2011 by Shell Gas No comments »

Shell gas is a global company of energy and petrochemicals with 93,000 employees and servicing 90 countries and territories for 30 years now giving innovative approach and strategy to tackle the challenges of the energy future. Their headquarters are in The Hague, the Netherlands, and their parent group is the Royal Dutch Shell plc which is incorporated in England and Wales having Peter Voser as their Chief Executive Officer.

Their products are using 48% of natural gas, 16.8 million tonnage sold, producing 3.3 million barrels of gas every day, having 43,000 shell stations worldwide, 145 billion litres of oil sold, and running 35 refineries and plants worldwide.

Shell gas strategy of positioning their company as the leader in the oil and gas industry in order to have a competitive shareholder return while helping to meet the global energy demand in a responsible way. They focus on exploring new oil and gas reserves and developing new projects, ideas and technology to better serve the public and the consumer of energy oil and gas.

Shell gas has been meeting the demands of the industry in providing energy oil and gas without sacrificing the environment. With 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry, Shell gas has proven their responsibility to the World through their awareness on the effects on global environment.

Shell gas have been doing extensive and constant research to protect their product as well as the consumption of petroleum gas and oil worldwide thus giving their best for the conservation as well as the protection of the environment. Their product is the number one hazardous chemical that has been discovered and enhance by men to use to power up plants, lighting facilities and fixtures, cars, industries, factories and a whole lot more.

Transporting petroleum oil and gas must be done with knowledgeable and highly competitive team of personnel to ensure the safety of the public. Since this product, petroleum is highly combustible materials its safety and proper handling must always be observe to give protection to the people.

Shell is already a very large company serving to millions of people worldwide providing petroleum oil and gas as their source of energy. With 30 years of experience in the industry, the company is very solid, stable, and is able to meet the demands of the public on a worldwide basis. Since petroleum is their major product and their means of success, protecting it; the environment and their other assets to keep the company going is their main purpose of providing excellent service to better serve their customers worldwide.

Petroleum product is the number one commodity that every human being needs to survive in the planet Earth. Protecting the environment is also protecting the company, its life support as well as its future. Recklessness and giving threat to the environment through improper use and servicing of petroleum products should not be done if this company would want to continue in their business. Responsibility to the company, to the environment and to the people in general is its core values and mission.